Des Moines ix

Connect Des Moines is also host to the most geographically centered Internet Exchange in the US – Des Moines IX.  A presence at Connect Des Moines allows our customers to exchange traffic and routes directly with others in the exchange. The Des Moines IX at Connect Des Moines boasts a dense ecosystem, enabling you to:

  • Lower the cost of transporting traffic across “third-party” connections (less bandwidth needed)
  • Create a central peering point to share your traffic routes and avoid delays of sending traffic to routes outside of the desired location
  • Transport traffic for one low cost and stable connection avoiding the tiered approach of upstream ISP providers
  • Perform more efficiently through streamlined traffic and fewer AS hops between destinations

Ultimately, connecting your network to peers such as large content companies, internet service providers, communications companies, and government and educational facilities lowers costs, improves network latency and, with less hops, can improve security. 


Benefits of interconnecting with cloud providers at Connect Des Moines include:

  • Dedicated Interconnect service is available at our edge facility. How does it work? Simply put, it is a cross connect physical connection between your network and Cloud on-ramp providers.
  • Elimination of hops in favor of direct, secure connections to multiple cloud providers
  • Because circuits reside in our data center, you get the ultra low latency, high-speed experience you need
  • Provisioning cross connects is fast, speeding your time to market
  • Maximum scalability: grow your reach as we grow our partnerships with cloud providers and enablers

Colocation Solutions

Connect Des Moines provides quality colocation solutions within one of the fastest growing interconnected edge data centers in the central US. With N+1 infrastructure our customers can rest assured that they are receiving the space, dependable power and uptime they need for their mission-critical operations.

Offering build-to-suit, turnkey colocation space and other typical data center support services, you can depend on Connect Des Moines to provide the security, compliance and performance you need. Connect Des Moines is built into a 25 story building that has 24/7/365 security and is fully compliant with industry-leading standards. As an edge data center, we can help you meet your data retention and security compliance requirements. At the same time, we offer you the flexibility to leverage our location as part of a distributed edge computing infrastructure with secure, private interconnections with leading cloud providers, carriers and other service providers. 

At Connect Des Moines, you have the flexibility to build what you want. Highlights of our colocation services include:

  • N+1 power
  • 6,000 square feet of total space
  • Private, secure entrance
  • Build-to-suit, turnkey managed suites available
  • Interconnectivity options available to carriers, cloud providers, fiber and wireless network providers, content providers and more
  • N+1 UPS available